All Praises are due to ALLAH.

40 Hadiths

Glorious day…


Good afternoon, are you having a nice day so far?  Well, I hope you are.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Monday 1:00 PM
Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

78       26
°F°F | °C °C
Precipitation: 15%
Humidity: 73%
Wind: 19 mph

A few days ago, I received a “separation of employment” letter from SAKS, because according to information the Human Resources department received, I was absent for scheduled days at SAKS.

So, where was I last month?  Straightening out that court mistake.  I explained this situation on the company’s HBCalertline website.  This is a website where incidents and information is reported directly to upper management and HR.

And someone called the store on my behalf and told one of the workers there, that I was straightening out a legal matter.

So then, I was thinking; what is the conflict here?  I have been with this company for a few years and this is a very odd reception to this situation.

I was thinking:

I like this company.  I am the ideal associate.

Guess who initially hired me at SAKS?  I was hired by a Gimbel.  A descendant of one of the owners. I worked at the Sawgrass location with him.

And HBC has Royal roots.

Well, I thought; GOD is wise.  GOD knows best.  This is Best.


I found out that HBC/SAKS has been sold.

This company was sold January 6, 2020.  It is now a different company.  Now, it is a private company. The company’s culture has already changed drastically.


And, this company is headed in that direction, you can probably guess where.  Or maybe not.

And so, I believe, it’s time to move on.  I still have my Royal roots and I still like the Gimbels.  One in particular.    He’s so cute.

As I have mentioned:

I’m launching my own label soon.  Athletic-Leisure.  Time for expansion.


Human Resources did not sign the letter.  It was sign by another person; Evelyn Garcia, I found Evelyn to be frequently dishonest on numerous occasions.  In the past, I had to report violations of company policy (and this was addressed).

Previous to this selling, the HR dept. was responsible for terminating employment.

Or anyone was free to quit/terminate their employment.  The termination option was not given to store staff, for good reason.

Do you want to read the letter?

It’s not truthful.  Obviously, I was not available to be there on those dates, last month.   But, I’ll let you see it, anyway.  First, I have to make sure there are no legal restrictions.  (We don’t like to make disparaging comments about former companies we work with.)

However, it is my letter, so I can share it publicly.

I applied for unemployment payments, a few days ago.

I did excellent work there at HBC/SAKS.  You know, I’m a Fashion maven.


And you know what?  To be honest, I was surprised at the speed, at which I felt freer.
Steppenwolf Do you know this song?
This is interesting, this song is based on a book called Der Steppenwolf

This song makes me want a scootershoppingI had a scooter when I was a teenager, before I was old enough to drive.

Did you know that Patti Labelle and R. Givens ride motorcycles?



 Moving along…


I decided to enroll in a short Accounting training program.  1 year, this program is offered at Atlantic-Tech.

 8:30 This morning, I completed the on campus orientation.  Classes will start in a few months.

 I think, learning accounting will be useful.

I will take the basic skills test in a couple of weeks.

Born to be wild!   …


Bis später


All Praises are due to ALLAH.


This is the first Community entry, I promised.  I’ll correct typos and edit later.

Bis später


All Praises are due to ALLAH.

Today is fabulous.

Lots of good things have happen over the past few days and weeks.


I told you, 2020 was going to be a memorable year.  2020 is about expansion.

I have a few updates coming to you, of course.  The next entry.  Interesting information.

Right now, I’m busy verifying information, making phones calls, returning phone calls etc.

It’s about communication and sharing information…

Make sure you have something healthy for lunch today.img_5485_92351


I will be starting the sign ups for the Beach Yoga classes in a few days. You should stay tuned.

Have you read any of Papa Bradford’s books?71IgmiGLv0LOf-Plymouth-Plantation-by-William-Bradford-683x1024GOD gave me the best relatives. …best Mother, Father, best brothers, sisters, cousins…  Best Grandparents, Great grand parents…

Traced back:

400+ years on my mother’s side.  Over 1,000 years on my father’s side.

Yes, over 1,000 years.

GOD deserves all the Praise!

Best friend; Mr. Marten  Best blog readers/email receivers.  I told you, some time ago, some of the best people in America (maybe in the world) are on my email lists.

Which needs to be expanded.

I came across some spectacular and inspiring bio’s during this community involvement process.

Best community leaders, best politicians (both parties), best Commissioners, best City Councilmen, best Senators, best Governors, best Law Enforcement, best Sheriffs, best religious leaders (all denominations)…

Europe Map


Remember this song…Tom Petty

See those shoe at 1:34?  My father use to sell those PLATFORMS in one of his stores.

My eldest sister VIVIAN use to wear a pair, in a neutral beige tone with faded, very light blue, bell bottom jeans.   We carried the beige color, I don’t remember seeing them in black.

I was in charge of the shoe department, in that store.  I was the Greeter and the shoe department manager.  I was 4.  Locate and organize the shoes.  The year, I learned how to tie my own shoe laces.

I am not kidding.

imagesFH8NWZVKThe Cash register looked similar to this.  Retail, before computers.

The drawer, made a loud CHA- TING  sound, when it was opened.

CHA- TING images-of-music-symbols-17  CHAT- TING!    All day.

3d1caef92dd882a4567b51895292dfc1Ft. Lauderdale Beach  1970’s   When tourism was the #1 industry for Ft. Lauderdale (South Florida).

Today, it’s government and mental health.

Later Alligator


All Praises are due to ALLAH.



Fort Lauderdale, FL
Monday 1:00 PM


70       21
°F°F | °C °C
Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 38%
Wind: 3 mph

I am in the process of posting the entries, I promised.  In a few days, the entries should be accessible from this blog and the community blog.

I will take you through Broward County’s housing and social services programs.  I will provide you with as much information as I come across.

Volunteering, Community involvement
  • I decided to volunteer at Life 4 net.  Remember my previous entry regarding this organization?  I decided to volunteer.


  • I noticed Pompano Beach Partnership does not recycle.  The staff told me, there is no recycling there.  I contacted the city and requested recycling information and bins for that location.


  • Also, I put in a request for; City clean up, in that area of Pompano.  Broward County takes request for community clean up.  If you make the request, then you are volunteering to be the cleanup coordinator (organizer).  Broward County will provide the materials for marketing (banners, signs etc.) and the clean up supplies.



I am of course continuing with Lauderdale Beach Yoga.  Classes will resume this Spring.


…and fashion of course.  I am pushing to have my Fashion line, Athletic-Leisure label active in 2020.

And you can find me at SAKS, the retail fashion capital.

I like this video Michael Jackson

Bis Später

All Praises are due to ALLAH.

Have you ever heard the British National Anthem?

…accept all Gifts.   I think someone, a good Samaritan paid money on that Nolle Pros.  I see the box checked for payment accepted.  Thank you.

as salamu alaykum


All Praises are due to ALLAH.

Surah An-Naba

It is another Beautiful Day.



Fort Lauderdale, FL
Monday 10:00 AM


69        21
°F°F | °C °C
Precipitation: 15%
Humidity: 69%
Wind: 10 mph16 km/h




Later, I will share with you Broward County’s housing process.  I will be as detailed as I can, so you can feel like you are there with me.


Women’s 400m Hurdles

Bis Später

All Praises are due to ALLAH.  Lord of all the worlds.


I’m just returning.  I was in court and at Paul Rein in Pompano Beach, clearing up this legal matter.  It was cleared Tuesday January 21, 2020.  I was released Tuesday night.

There was never any “violation”.  I did not know that person.

And my name is misspelled. But the case number is correct.

Nolle pros.

Below is the court document.


Thank you, to all the people who contributed to my release.  I appreciate the phone calls  made on my behalf.

One GOD.


Well, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and Hanukkah.   …and New Year’s!  Did you go to a party?


When I start having parties on my Loxahatchee property in West Palm Beach, you will be invited.  These are going to be the most spectacular parties.

Grand and the most memorable.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thursday 1:00 PM
Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

°F | °C
Precipitation: 47%
Humidity: 69%
Wind: 14 mph


We are one step further in clearing up the identity – theft situation.  We don’t want identity – theft, fraud or real estate theft in our communities, do we?


I decided to add BRADFORD, my mother’s maiden name (maternal family surname) as my last name.  I can still use Thompson because this is our family’s name (Father’s surname) I was born with.  I’ll hyphenate the surnames.  I’m so proud of my ancestors and all my relatives.

I’m proud of your good families too, it’s like we’re all linked; those who believe in GOD.

Have a wonderful evening.

Later Alligator