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All Praises are due to ALLAH.

Islamic Call to Prayer

Today is spectacular.



Fort Lauderdale, FL
Monday 2:00 PM
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Partly Cloudy

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I hope you are eating healthy and exercising…

OK, I’m working on straighten out this fraud.


I will give updates this week on the temporary housing and my meeting with Broward County employees.


Also, I will give updates on what I’m doing to resolve this Real Estate-Identity theft, fraud issue.

I will clear my mother’s name.


And, I will continue to work on my Yoga/fitness business.

…the show must go on…



It’s cooling off a bit.  But, we will still have warm days over the next 3 months.


I don’t hold Yoga classes on the beach during December and January but fitness coaching will still be available.   And, I can work on developing other areas of this business.

Registering a company name, so on and so forth.

Fitness, nutrition (cookbooks, bars, private label RAW HONEY etc), and athletic/leisure wear.

Wild-Raw-Honey (1)

You know, I mentioned last week in the previous entry that money was stolen out of my checking account… this is a Citibank account.   I’ll be in touch with this bank this week and I will tell you what happens.


On to different subjects:

I mentioned that there are a lot of African immigrants who were suddenly transported to this South Florida area.

I don’t know if this is true but I’ve heard that a lot of them are from Sierra Leon, Africa and they lived in the UK for a while.

Why are they here?  I don’t know.

Supposedly, they left Africa and tried to emigrate to the UK.  They are being held and used as Slaves.  But they are comfortable with this arrangement.

I don’t know if this is accurate information.

Money stolen out of my account
And you know what?
Since money was stolen out of my checking account; all the money was stolen.   The balance was at 0.00
I didn’t have any money to pay for anything.  Even my storage space is overdue.
Then I started thinking about the immigrants (drug addicts) in Broward County.
…how it has been mentioned many times that the immigrants/homosexual population, only care about drugs, a bed to sleep in and sexual activity.
        food/drugs and a bed

…how African children, starve to death every year, all over Africa and their parents don’t seem to care.  They just continue to reproduce.  Isn’t this true?


Dogs are eaten in Africa and China.   This is true.


Russian, (SLAV countries) during the 20th century famine cannibalized their own children.  Hopefully, this is not happening today.


And do you know, pedophiles are known to go to Africa, posing as “relief workers” in order to exploit the famine situation and molest the children?


Pedophile rapist attempt to trade food for sex.


Sierra Leon in particular was (and probably to some extent today) a British Colony, UK.


Sierra Leon’s natural resources are DIAMONDS, OIL, GOLD and COCOA, in abundance.





And so, it is very important that this fraud situation is straighten out.


Family is always a priority.

bahamas-map (1)
I know my Mother, Father, brothers and sisters would have wanted me to do this.  Also, it is extremely important to me, that I locate my brother; Ahmed and my sister’s child.
Of course our DNA will match.



The holiday season is here!  I love this time of the year.

Today is beautiful.  You should stretch today.
Bis Später

All Praises are due to ALLAH.




I returned to Life Net 4 Families and I met with a case worker. My appointment was at 1 pm Tuesday November 12, 2019.

When I arrived, I informed the receptionist of my appointment. I sat down and waited in the lobby.

The Life Net 4 Families lobby has a strong, offensive odor.  I noticed, the one window in the lobby, didn’t seem as though it could be opened to let in fresh air.

The lobby could be painted and potted plants could be added.  The people using the services there could do the painting.


There were mostly males (Africans and SLAVS), in the lobby when I arrived.   There were about 8 individuals in the lobby. Their ages ranged from 30’s-50’s.  There was maybe one American male.

I noticed a rather large, rectangle shaped, portrait hanging on the wall .  The painting depicted multiple faces of African and SLAVS males.  No women or children.

A few of the males waiting in the lobby were there to use the facilities’ shower.  Showers are available at this facility, on the second floor.



The services I requested were:

  • Temporary use of their mailing address.
  • Referral to Temporary housing. (As you know, I am dealing with Real Estate fraud and so currently, I do not have access to my housing.)
  • Use of their eyeglass referral service (which is no longer an offered service)

The case worker at this agency informed me that Life Net 4 Families  does not referral temporary housing. The case worker said only the County provides this referral service (for temporary housing).

This Broward County program is called THE TASKFORCE OUTREACH TEAM. This is a mobile unit. County workers driving white vans, show up at designated locations throughout the county.

Why doesn’t Broward County use a building to process people into the temporary housing system?  What kind of interview could be conducted from a van?


**I will upload copies of all the documents I received from these agencies.



I also visited the Action Agency, Family success center Edgar P. Mills location. I will meet with a case worker there, later this week or early next week.



In Broward County

It appears that homosexuals/transsexuals are receiving favor/preference for federal government subsidized housing over women and heterosexual males.   I do not know why this would be.

And it also appears, in this area the bulk of federal aid is going towards homosexual/transsexual programs (substance abuse-mental illness treatment) this includes housing, medicine.

Even transportation and gas is being paid for with government money.

I have heard this mentioned on many occasions: The cars and trucks driven around in Broward County are leased by our government.

Come for a visit and see for yourself.  Does Broward County’s economy support such a large population of poor people?  Many of whom, can barely read?

What you see are able bodied males (mostly immigrants and mostly homosexuals/transsexuals) receiving welfare (or a security job).

Felons, violent sex offenders; pedophiles and rapists released from prison involved in a “program”.

There is a felon to work program, in Broward County where employers receive a tax credit for hiring felons.  The felon’s or immigrant’s salary is subsidized by a government program.  If the program’s attendee (felon or immigrant) steals from the employer the government programs is required to reimburse the employer.

You do not see families here.  What you see are adult males with children, usually one male child.  You see transsexuals with children.

You do not see heterosexual men on welfare.  I have notice the heterosexual immigrants tend to have jobs.  I don’t see very many in this area. Still, heterosexual men may need financial assistance too.  And they should have equal access to all federal programs.

You see women who appear to be substance abusers with children but you rarely see healthy women with children.  You rarely see traditional families in Broward County.

Surprisingly, you also see females who through surgery /drugs have become transsexuals.  Females who look like men.  Females, who have been anatomically altered to give the appearance that they are men.

This is the present trend, of course trends do change.


Current social services in Broward County appear to be geared towards substance abusers, especially drug addicts.


I have heard it mentioned that ordinary, men and women who lose their jobs (or deal with some other unforeseen circumstances) and who are not drug addicts are denied services.  I will find out if this is true.

Immigrants (with or without children) are given cash assistance, free healthcare and employment placement through Department Children and Family   In contrast, American men and women without children are not eligible for cash assistance, DCF healthcare or employment placement through this agency.

Cash assistance is given to Americans only when they have children and if the cash assistance is accepted; these men and women are left vulnerable to having their children taken away.

American parents accepting cash assistance during emergencies could be deemed unfit parents.






We respect people’s privacy, therefore I will not mention names, today. At this point there is no need to mention specific employee names. However, these organizations receive federal funding and they are provided with additional funds for the sole purpose of providing services to the public and so transparency and openness is expected.




Money, was stolen out of my bank account a couple of days ago.

We have a lot of desperate individuals in Broward County, Florida.

This is proof that giving individuals access to Americans’ financial information through “security jobs” is not, in the best interest of the population.



I will share all the information here.  GOD is in control.  My intentions are good.  And so, good is coming from this. Glad, I can be of assistance.

I REPORTED THE FRAUDULENT USE of my Mother’s social security number.


The day is great.

Later Alligator.






All Praises are due to ALLAH.


Trump holds ‘Keep America Great’ rally in Mississippi



All Praises are due to ALLAH.

Surah Al Baqarah

How are you doing this afternoon…

Yesterday, I tweeted some information, I came across.  Interesting tweets.


I just checked my twitter account and I noticed, all the tweets I sent out to local Law Enforcement and our Elected Officials  –regarding the Real Estate fraud matter–  were deleted.

I wonder, who would want to block this letter from being sent out?

This is a conflict resolution open letter.  I think it was pleasantly written.

Everyone  -the agencies workers, individuals given local gov. contracts to manage rapist, pedophiles, thieves, criminally insane-  is legitimate and operating within the law, correct?

This is simply a misunderstanding; don’t we all want this matter straighten out?  Why shouldn’t Law Enforcement and our Elected Officials be notified and included in this process?

This is a simple matter of a DNA test.  Results can be provided within hours; matter completely resolved and at a low cost.

Isn’t this correct and effective procedure I’m following?  Where am I, in error?


You can check Twitter yourself; you will notice those Tweets, do not show up. The Tweets show up on my feed, on this blog but they have been deleted on the main feed.


How much money are government workers paid?

I suppose my inheritance is a lot more money than any corrupt individual will ever earn (or steal) in their lifetime.   VERY TRUE.


In addition to their salaries don’t these workers also receive welfare and free healthcare?


The total population in Broward County, Florida receive welfare, except for the wealthy/land owners.  According to public information, this is the system.

Isn’t this the reason for the mass influx of immigrants to Florida, to the United States?

And, isn’t this also the reason why the UK wants to exit the EU? Mass influx of immigrants seeking; State welfare in the UK.


I wonder; do compulsory drugs come with the welfare or are these recipients already drug addicts?  I don’t know. I just know that these individuals seem to really like drugs.

If I ask them, I don’t think they would tell me the truth.  Usually when these individuals  approach me, out of the blue, they tell me how “rich” they are.  How much money they have and how absolutely wonderful their lives are. Just out of the blue…

I have no interest in their lives.

…then they ask me for something, they ask me for money.  They are very talkative. Their lives seemed to be centered around substance abuse, disease, going to the doctor, jealousy and welfare.  …group/free housing.

These individuals were approaching me, long before, I started keeping an online diary.  I have heard it mentioned, that sometimes they are paid to approach people.  This would be a “job”.   They say they are paid $50 for “jobs”.

They seem juvenile, angry and violent.  …very different from ordinary people.  In this area (Broward County) a lot them happen to be immigrants or homosexuals/transsexuals.  I suppose, heterosexuals are different, to them.

You should visit this area and see for yourself.



And so there has been Great interest in my family’s money and my inheritance.  Strange.  Complete strangers seemed to know more about my inheritance than I.


They seem most concerned.  How is this case coming along?

You may be able to check Mr. Marten’s net worth.


If you wanted my inheritance, maybe it would have been better for you, to ask me.

Bis später




All Praises are due to ALLAH.

It’s a nice day.  Saturday…


Like these boots? Dolce and Gabbana Red Flora Painted boots

You can find D&G at SAKS.  And, in case you didn’t know, WEDGES are back in style.

Dolce&Gabbana  Women’s Fashion Show

Dolce&Gabbana Fall Winter  Dazzling with a 1920’s Opulent flair.


Did you have something healthy today?  Well, I hope so…

If you didn’t stretch this morning, you can spend some time stretching this evening.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Saturday 3:00 PM
Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

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Precipitation: 15%
Humidity: 75%
Wind: 13 mph


Jockey Club Derby 2019

Have you ever watched a game of Polo? I haven’t.

I’ve never watched a game of football either. Never. Not 1 game.  I tried to watch the Superbowl a couple of times, but I lost interest.

I just noticed the very green grass, the bright white numbers and the neat rows of men lined up.

This is probably one of those instances, where males and females brains are different.

The Rules of Polo  Since there are horses involved in Polo, this is a good game.

I heard that men don’t like watching Ballet.    Is this true?    This performance is ballet combined with acrobats.



Hinter jeder wolke steckt Sonnenschein.

Bis Später


All Praises are due to ALLAH.

Surah Yusuf


Good Morning,

I started sending out the OPEN LETTER via twitter because this letter was blocked from being sent out through my email account.


I set up a new email account and the letter was still blocked from being sent.

I wonder why, I don’t know why it was being blocked from being sent.


This is fraud and it has to be straighten out.  DNA test will have to be administered.

All of this (fraud) can be cleared up in less than 3 days, less than 72 hours.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wednesday 10:00 AM
Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

85       29
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Precipitation: 15%
Humidity: 72%
Wind: 8 mph13 km/h
bis später

All Praises are due to ALLAH.

I tweeted the community news.

You know, I wanted to mention this…

About 2 evenings ago, I happen to turn on the radio.  The radio happen to come to a halt, on a talk radio station.  There was a discussion in progress.  This was BBC and the speaker for that station had an English accent.  The topic was “Black history month in the UK”.


I think, I caught the program at the beginning.  The broadcaster with the English accent, opened the discussion along with another female individual, using racial slurs.

Apparently, he was letting the American audience know about (or explaining) the racism that “Africans and Caribbean people” faced in the UK.  The slurs were covered with loud beeps.  So, all you could hear was “Beep…audible words…Beep….Beep…audible words….Beep…audible words…Beep…Beep…”

The announcer had a most proper English accent.

Then on the air, an African man (with an English accent) who had been promoted to England’s first Black history professor at a University.

I think, I have that right.

Apparently, this is an exalted position in the UK with the implication, that all Africans in the UK should be proud of this.

They should all share, in that delight.  I wasn’t sure why. I couldn’t see how his promotion affected their daily lives.

Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK

Next on the air; a Caribbean man who said that his group was repeatedly attacked by a group of white, UK working class, thugs who called themselves; “teddy boys”.  This was immediately after WWII.

UK’s West Indian population was refered to as Caribbean.

I thought, how old would a person be today, who was an adult, immediately after WWII?  The Caribbean man’s voice sounded rather youthful.  Maybe, it was a taped conversation from many years ago.  But the BBC announcer (with his English accent) did not say it was.

Anyway, continuing on the Caribbean man’s part of the radio program.  He said, Jamaican men were brought over from another part of the UK to fight the “teddy boys”.

The Caribbean man said the Jamaican men saved them.  And he was grateful to them.

I gather there is mob justice or posse justice in the UK.  Why didn’t their elected officials intervene and apply the law?

Then a English female chimes in with her bit.  She said, the Caribbean men exposed themselves in public and called out to the girls and women when they passed by.  …and she had a few other complaints.

I got the impression, that she did not prefer immigrants, in general.

For some reason, all of the males involved in this story sounded as if they were homosexual.

And we all know how racist LGBT is, all over the world.

The gist of this program:

what was gather was; they (the participants) were all fighting over jobs or money.  The workers did not own property, the factories etc.


I think the UK now has a State welfare system, similar to the one that is now transforming the United States.

Part of this transformational process seems to be; to snatch money from those families who appear, not to be holding on to their fortunes tight enough.  Or families who give the impression of; tempting “low hanging fruit”.

Members of these families have to give the distinct impression, that they are willing to fight to the very death, for their inherited millions.   …within, an inch of their lives.

“The tight, two fisted grip on their money.”

or else

…poor gov. workers (and there are so many) will try to steal it.

rich people=lottery tickets

The lottery+alcohol+drugs+free healthcare= content dullards

This theft process makes our Society “stronger”.

The women become MEN and the masculine men become GIRLISH.  The males even start to wear our undies from Victoria Secret.   Progress…mankind being lifted to the highest level, possible.

Previous generations would be proud because as we all know, they fought for this.

The females grow beards (with matted hair) and wear men’s clothing. …they use the men’s rooms.

Adult men use the girl’s room.  GROWN males.  GROWN men in the little girl’s room.  Teenage boys, in the girls room at your local middle schools.

Grown, Adult MEN.   …in the little girls’ room.  GROWN MEN.

Men, GROWN going into the girls room.

Now there’s drugs, HIV and welfare.  And so, the people are happier.  …and they no longer have to toil in the fields for those greedy ROYALS and Nobles!

Peasants can really be what they are!

Large groups of poor people, who still don’t own any property, in the 21st century.


Can’t afford to buy 1 home.  Or it takes 30 years to pay for 1 home (if you qualify).

Yes, 30 years.

And a Peasant can use racial slurs on the radio when discussing their neighbors or even pretend like they’re superior to someone else.


Life is good!

As a final note


Today is Beautiful, you should go out and exercise.

Later Alligator