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All Praises are due to ALLAH.



I plan to have a juice bar inside my Yoga studio.

Instead of  using names like apple, banana smoothie, or strawberry blast, suppose I give the juice drinks names  like Biloxi Blues or Peachtree Sweetheart. 

Just a thought.

I was thinking about the designs of my fitness clothing line,  I thought of my sister Sherema, she was always so fashion forward, with a fantastic avant garde wardrobe, she loved fabulous and interesting outfits.  And she had beautiful hair; frizzy, wavy type hair. A  lot of frizzed, pretty hair.

…very smart, a much better student that I ever was. Physically fit with a tiny waist.  Cheerful and outgoing.

Sherema has children.


I like this Yoga studio design, I think it would fit perfectly in South Florida.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Monday 10:00 AM
Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

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Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 72%
Wind: 11 mph
Instead of potato chips you could try
I prefer sweet potato chips to regular potato chips.  untitled.png I like these too.

Make sure you are getting lots of vegetables in your diet.


Last evening, I made a cabbage, kale, carrot and cauliflower salad with mackerel.

I add salmon or mackerel to the salads both are good for omega 3.  The salad, two nights before was mostly kale, red cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, onions and salmon.

I had fresh pineapple with ice cream earlier that day. I think the next time, I will choose frozen yogurt over ice cream.

scan00011These are the bars I designed, a little over a year ago.  These bars are coffee flavored.  I’m designing new bars with the similar idea.  The Yoga studio will have a retail section.

Anthony Marten, Miami Beach’s former Assistant chief of Police.  A very good friend.

I wonder how his eldest daughter is doing.


Have you listen to Les Brown before?  I haven’t lately but I noticed these new videos.  I think his speeches and talks are interesting.   Les Brown is from Miami, Florida.
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