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All Praises are due to ALLAH.

 Surah An-Nisa



I did a session of Yoga today.   This is a Yoga studio, do you like this design?

Today is Saturday.  I’m at a branch library.  Northwest regional in Coral Springs.

I’m working on marketing.  I’ve decided to post pone nursing classes and spend a few months working on my business.  I could always complete a bachelor’s in nursing at my convenience once I’m completely immersed in this fitness/ women’s fitness wear business.

A completed nursing degree would be a credential to add on any health oriented books I plan to write.  Healthier cook books etc.

Today, I bought a simple sewing machine.  It’s for personal use, good for beginners.  I never learned to sew on a machine.



Fort Lauderdale, FL
Saturday 5:00 PM
Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

78      26
°F°F | °C°C
Precipitation: 5%
Humidity: 80%
Wind: 14 mph

My father was a Tailor but for some reason, he didn’t want to teach me how to sew.  He taught my 2 older sisters how to sew.

He studied in New York’s garment district.




This is Cafe’ Brulot



This is a café Brulot recipe.



Instead of teaching me to sew, he bought me microscopes and anatomy sets.    One anatomy set was of a pregnant woman with her fetus.  This particular set had tiny pieces to be assembled.  It had an artsy flair, you could paint the pieces before assembling all the parts.

…very involved, nerves, muscles, digestive system, all the organs.   This was in elementary school, third grade I think.


I use to ask him all the time, “teach me how to sew, teach me how to sew.”

So I have a sewing machine.    All I have to say is; watch out Burberry.

Really, you don’t need to know how to sew on a machine, in order to design.

The Burberry September 2018 Runway Show

I like this Burberry women’s collection, it has a fresh 70′ ish business woman overtone.

The pleated skirts and vests especially.  But it’s very fresh.  Extremely stylish and slightly conservative for Burberry.   My eldest sister would like this collection.

I think this is Burberry’s best wearable collection.


Have you ever seen this video? Elvis Presley – Return To Sender


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