Surah Mulk recited by Shiekh Shuraim

It is another beautiful day; I’ll be doing Pilates and exercising tonight, GOD willing.




I just got an email from a case worker from the Community Action Agency (CAA), as you know I submitted an application for tuition assistance for next semester.  Classes start January 6 at Broward College.  I qualify for the tuition assistance and the housing assistance programs.

Now, last semester I submitted that fee waiver ( Florida statute) I was not able to attend classes because a person working in the registration office, her name is Jennifer, claimed that the registrar has been refusing to accept that fee waiver, for the last 2 years.   This turned out to be: not true information.


This information I received from Jennifer was routed to the Student affairs Dean. This issue was resolved and the waiver was accepted, but this delay caused me not to enter classes.

I think this worker; Jennifer has been telling people for a while, maybe years that Broward College does not accept this fee waiver. This is illegal.

To, how many people has she given this false information?

This fee waiver is listed as an acceptable form of payment in Broward College’s handbook.


And so, this is being relayed to the Inspector General’s office. It has to be, I think you will agree, once you read the letter.  This, coupled with the information the Dean decided to share with me, which you will read about.


In case you are wonder why there appears to be a constant inability to understand and follow federal and state laws by Broward County workers, one reason is because most of these workers are immigrants.

They were born in another country and many of them are not U.S. citizens or they are new citizens.  There is a cultural, as well as a language barrier in many cases.


If you come here for a visit, you may draw this conclusion for yourself.  Still laws have to be followed, and they will.

These are the jobs that recent Veterans need, qualify for and are suppose to have preference for.

This backward hiring is the result of Homeland security in this area. Hopefully, this is not happening in your county or State.  Another good reason to cut back Homeland security’s budget in Broward County.


Any country you visit or seek asylum, you have to follow the laws of that country.  This is why there is so much depression and drug use among this group, in this area.  There is a refusal to abide by laws.

…and a refusal to contribute to society in a useful manner.

Currently in Broward County, the poverty rate is growing along with the drug use. Most of the people relying on County, State and federal social services in this area are foreign born, these are life long recipients.

Free health care, free drugs, free cash assistance from the Department of Children and Families, free federal Pell Grant money, section 8 and reduced rent.

Life long dependence on government checks, free under -the- table money from Homeland security.

The children you see them (transsexual males) with, are not even theirs.

Most of these immigrants can barely read on a high school level and they can barely do basic math.

This is true.

I’m not including the immigrants who are here legally, and who have been going to work  or starting businesses. The immigrants who paid for their citizenship  -or received it in another legal way- and who have been contributing to society.  People who follow laws.

I think now,  most of  the brilliant immigrants (the one’s who can do math and read) are staying in their country.  After all,  many of the major technology companies recruit and have companies overseas.  I think immigrants (or transsexuals) who are not productive in their country,  want to come here.


And if you want to confirm all of this, have a conversation with them and ask them where they work.  Ask them details about what they do all day, see if they can tell you.  And see if, what they say turns out to be true.  Most of them are felons (infected with a contagious disease, check the HIV statistics for this area) connected to Homeland security.

While recent veterans and other Americans who have paid into the system for generations struggle to get jobs (and start businesses), collect their benefits and keep their families safe.  Recent veterans dying on “waiting list” because they are refused health care.

These individuals, Homeland security immigrants don’t start businesses in this area.

They hang around and use drugs all day. Check the drug use statistics for this area.



Do you think over time, nature will correct all of this…yes.


But in the mean time, there is a lot of opportunity for you here; community leaders, business owners and investors tend to follow laws.


You can’t prosper being crooked, most people know this.

So, I will let you read all emails after I get rebuttals from the emails I sent.


You know, I have a commitment to my cause and I will keep it.



Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wednesday 3:00 PM
Partly Cloudy

84         29
°F°F | °C°C
Precipitation: 20%
Humidity: 66%

How are you doing today…thinking about getting fit for the New Year’s.  Did you start exercising just a little every night, the way I suggested?

Start off exercising for 3 minutes before you go to bed, then increase the time by 30 seconds every night.  Consult your doctor first, if you haven’t exercised in a while. Exercising is fun, when I start shooting the YouTube videos, you’ll see.




Let mention something about that movie, Boomerang, the main idea of that movie is that the women in the movie are treating the Eddie Murphy character, the way women in corporate America were complaining about being treated in the 1980’s and ’90’s.  It was also, the way the Murphy character had been treating women in his past, but this time he met his match.

untitled Trailer

That’s why it’s called “Boomerang”.  The funny thing is; that it was shocking and exaggerated then, women wouldn’t really behave that way. That’s why it was funny.


Today, I don’t know if you have noticed but you see even stranger behavior …not to keep repeating myself but, not all these individuals -who appear to be female-  you are seeing,  acting and saying strange things are women.  They are transsexual males.  This is important to know.

They even dress differently, they often wear masculine shoes with dresses and women’s clothing. Because they have male feet, they can’t wear women’s narrow shoes or heels.  One of the endless differences. They also have broader necks, you can really see this from the back.  They usually wear or grow long hair, real or fake, down their backs.

Yes, they wear dresses.

I think men are better at imagining the differences then women are…

Remember, we (females) have “chocolate” and “shopping” on our minds.   … and protecting children.

And if I sound intolerant, excuse me, my Friend is missing and the individuals directly responsible, are among this group.

Anthony Marten is wealthy, they are not…

Maybe they thought they could steal his money and get away with it.


Have you seen this movie images

2015 is going to be a Good Year.



Our next run is January 8, 2015.  Run for a Cause.

Marc Anthony – I Need To Know 

a tout a l’heure



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