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Today is Thursday.

It was Sunday when I started this post.  I’ve been working on marketing and business development.  I had the idea to offer full classes, rather than just one on one private fitness sessions.  I could do both.


bon jour

Today is a glorious day.  It’s Sunday, I went running last night and this morning.  I also did Yoga.

I’m working on the marketing for the Body Magic.  I’m expanding the efforts nationwide.  Soon I’ll be offering yoga classes.

I’m listening to Carly…one take


Did I ever mention why the PH of water is important?  Well, if you didn’t already know, the body’s internal environment is acidic. Slightly alkaline water assists in bringing the body into balance, (theoretically).  Distilled water is at 7. Laboratory distilled water is absolutely pure not Food grade distilled water.  Everyone knows not to drink laboratory water right?  But the body’s PH is very important.  Google to find out why.


Ok, I’m going to explain in detail what I have recently discovered; this is concerning my last post.

This is about  the “eunuchs “ (or transvestite, homos**uals), surgery and female hormones.  Eunuchs is the correct word, even though they want to be women, they are not.  And since they have elected to do this to themselves they are still males (chromosomes cannot be changed) but they are not considered men.  I don’t think men, consider eunuchs or transvestites to be men.

I’m going to post information; pictures, articles and YouTube videos regarding this  group of individuals.  At the end I will explain how this affects everyone.

First, I will begin by describing the physical transformation; going from looking like a male …to looking like a female.  You are going to be surprised.


Stage 1

While they have all their parts, they spend time (years) dressing like females, pretending to be females, attempting to live as females. At this stage they still look like males.  Effeminate males.

Stage 2

Female hormones are ingested by the homo**ual/transvestite.  This causes:

  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • “Hot flashes”
  • Shrinkage of the male organs
  • Decrease in muscle mass
  • Increase in body fat
  • Fat redistributed in feminine areas; upper thigh areas (hips), chest area (small bust development), increased fat is stomach areas (middle age bulge), a larger rear.

*some later get breast implants

  • Lower libido
  • Less ambition
  • Decreased cognition
  • Depression

These are just some of the results or side effects.  But since the homos**uals going through this transformation like that they are beginning to look like females, they endure the discomfort.


Before the next stage -if government money is being used, and it certainly is- there is suppose to be mental health counseling from a government worker (many of these workers are dealing with their own illnesses).

Government mental health counseling produces government “jobs”.  Anyway, the individual is supposed to go through years of counseling (provided by a government worker) to make sure they want this “change”.

Stage 3

the body part is removed.  (Masculine reproductive)

Although the external organs are removed, the internal male organs such as the prostate are not removed.

I think this is because removing the internal organs is a more invasive surgery; probably removing the internal organs would increase the chances of infection.

Some of these individuals are infected (post surgery) and do not survive the removal of the external parts.  Also, maybe because of their lifestyle they may already have infections prior to surgery.

After the removal, that area is molded into a copy of the external female part.

Of course the actual female area cannot be duplicated. After I finish this general description of the surgery procedures, I will tell a story that may shock you.

This is where the eunuch/transvestite voice changes

  • Higher pitched voice develops; a girly or woman sounding voice.

They (eunches) may sound exactly like women except there is a hollowness to their tones and speech. Their speech lack; inflection, depth and subtleness but they do have girly or woman sounding voices.

The individual still has XY chromosomes and internal male organs.  And a harsh insensitive personality.

And a man size bladder…you can hear them in the ladies room.  …I was wondering.

Finally Stage 4

Surgery procedures


  • Hairline realigned  (usually lowered, to make the fore head appear smaller)
  • Cheek bone implant (this is very common, almost routine)
  • Nasal bones shaved down
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Eyebrows realigned
  • Large ears are pulled back, cut and tucked

I think the bones around the eye socket are broken and made smaller. There is a lot of facial surgery; this is only a partial list.  It’s more like reconstruction facial surgery.


Males have boxy shaped waist (abdomens).

  • Ribs are removed to give the illusion of a waist.
  • Additional female hormones are injected in buttocks and upper thigh area.
  • Notice how all of a sudden we see so many large rears on groups of people, who in the past didn’t have large rears.  Notice?   Not all of these individuals with large rears are females.  I will be uploading pictures to illustrate this fact.

Males usually have larger necks, wrist, hands, feet and bigger teeth.

Often you can distinguish eunuchs by their larger teeth.

Some males have smallish hands, especially when they are youngish. Some eunuchs may paint their nails.

I just remembered something.

You know that show Seinfeld.  I never really watched that show, I didn’t find it interesting. (Frasier, I understood and liked)  …and I never really got the humor.


But I just got one of the jokes from that show.

There was a woman, one of the characters dated.  The main character (I think his name was Jerry) kept saying that the woman he was dating had “man hands”.  He couldn’t understand it. She was completely feminine except for her “man hands”.

On the show, they kept showing, a male body builder’s hands attached to his date.

Now I get it. It was a male.

Another time, while I was in college, sitting in the cafeteria on afternoon, I remember overhearing, 3 Black guys mention that a “girl” they had all met, had hands that were bigger than her face.

“her hands are bigger than her face”   “her hands are bigger than her face” They kept repeating this, over and over, like it didn’t make any sense to them.

I thought, ok, she has large hands for a girl, so.

Then yesterday, I saw what they meant. It was a eunuch.

His hands weren’t really all that big when you just looked at them, away from his head.

But then, when he touched his face; his head looked real small.  Real small,  ….like, have you seen  pictures of shrunken heads or shrunken skulls…like in those primitive, 3rd world tribal cultures?

His hands looked very big in comparison to his head.

It was like; his one hand could cover his entire face and 3/4 of his skull.

It wasn’t funny. Those guys back then, didn’t think it was funny either. They weren’t laughing.

I think with all the facial surgery; broken and reconstructed bones, the face can become smaller.


  • Adam’s apple shaved down.
  • Wrist bones are shaved down to make them appear more smaller.
  • To narrow the shoulders; I heard mentioned, the clavicle being removed.

Hair/women’s makeup

Males usually have thinner hair on their heads but alot more body hair (hairer).

Hair removal on their bodies, is constant.

Every day in Coconut Creek,  at a hair removal office, you see lines of eunuchs sitting in a waiting room. I thought those were females who were serious about hair removal.

Thin hair on head.

To remedy this; Hair club for men procedures, fake hair; wigs, extensions, weaves etc.

They wear makeup.


Getting off the subject:

You know this explains why a lot of the “females” in this areas didn’t wear the body magic. A lot of these eunuchs have protruding stomachs –you can see their stomachs because a lot of them wear tight women’s clothes- but they find the body magic uncomfortable.

They can’t wear this garment. The body magic is designed for a woman’s body.

One (a eunuch) told me that he/she sweat a lot and felt dizzy in the garment. (I think he/she used the word dizzy) That was probably due to the female hormones this individual was taking. I thought I was talking to a female.

He/she said the garment felt too tight. It’s designed to fit snug to a female’s body but it’s not suppose to feel, too tight.  This garment comes in many different sizes so, any female can be fitted to the correct size, comfortably.

But that wasn’t a female.

The experience he/she described was very different, from how women describe their experience wearing this garment. Women love this garment; it’s a best seller item.


Back on subject:

What is very apparent and noticeable:

These individuals tend to be unfeeling.

They are emotionally different from females, very different. And of course they would be.

They have the XY chromosomes.  They are not like males/men either.

They are deceptive. I can’t think of anything more deceptive than this.

http://www.susans.org/forums/index.php?topic=115413.0   click on page 2 and page 3 to see all pictures.


I don’t know anything about their “lifestyle”.

Some eunuchs are more muscular or brawnier even though they do not work out and don’t seem physically fit.  You often see these types in athletic wear, I guess to give the illusion of an athletic woman.

Masculine mannerism often seeps through the feminine facade.

Human Pheromones

Yes, human pheromones do exist.  Just because you can’t see them or test for them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They do exist. The reason why they are not recognized (or you may think they are not recognized) is because of our current environment, pollution etc.

I think males give off more body heat than women.

Just a mention, eunuchs have MALE HEAT that emanates from their bodies. They often wear women’s perfume. So there is often a “fog” of this surrounding them.

If you can imagine sensing or smelling; chemicals from male perspiration, mixed with female synthetic hormones, mixed with women’s perfume but lacking most male hormones…it’s not nice.

I feel mad, when I smell this scent.

Some eunuchs are frumpy and overweight like an older housewife who “let herself go”. I saw one in women’s orthopedic shoes. (Orthopedic shoes are neccessary sometimes). Still, you wouldn’t think that an individual would go through, all that trouble/surgery to look like a female but then not care about looking fashionable.

You really would not guess that a eunuch would look like a “frumpy looking older housewife” but they do sometimes.

Some are younger and try for the “sexy look”; tight, little shorts and a tank top or tight pants and a club shirt.  Many of them are styled in the 1970’s street walker look, for some reason.

Revealing clothes is not in fashion right now. But a lot of them wear tight women’s clothes.

Covered up, loose fitting clothes with lots of accessories is in style right now.

The most revealing clothes for women at this time would be clothes for the gym.

Some look like very old ladies, the feisty old lady type.

They (homos**uals/eunces) come in all races and ethnic groups.

abc news story when dad becomes momscan0002

Above, is a recent article from O magazine.

This is a National Geographic documentary on this subject.

2368675141738035257432547843726812809All of these individuals are males. Its evident by the neck, shoulder areas, and/or facial demisions. Just everything looks off. I was looking for nature pictures and these popped up, as side banners. The one in the middle towards the left, looks like a female but the shoulder and back area is very muscular. And the ears are large.  This is why eunuchs get the ear surgery.scan0004  These are males.  You can tell by their teeth

scan0007The first 3 are males.  That’s a tiny skirt the first one is wearing.

As I have mentioned they come in all ethnic groups, I’ll see if I can find pictures of Black eunuchs. I’ve definitely seen Haitian, Hispanic and Jamaican eunuchs in this area. There are probably African American eunuchs too. Now that I think about it, I did see one (African American). He looked liked he was coming out of stage 3 of his transformation. He was wearing tight little shorts.   I found a picture.domonique__oPt

scan0008Both are males.  Below are more pictures of the individual on the right.

scan0012scan0010scan0005This is a running magazine and there was no disclaimer.

This is an article about the synthetic female hormones that these individuals ingest/inject.

TRANSGENDER-This is a boy in the USA who is going through the change.


They (eunuchs) have wider male feet. I guess that’s why they usually cannot wear stilettos.  Not for extended periods of time.  If they are trying to be very feminine, usually you see them in women’s sandals, rarely high heels.

Some of them are modeling women’s on the cat walk. Versace spring/summer 2012 watch at 1:30, 1:35, 2:44.  All males.  They are wearing heels.

I stopped paying attention after 2:44.  They are in our space.


Picture/article about eunuchs without facial surgery.

If they cease ingesting/injecting synthetic female hormones, some of their physical male characteristics will return. i.e.  a full beard    …with their breast implants.

Some of the effects on society

Do not follow society’s norms/laws, as a result:

Increase in crime

Higher cost for incarceration/monitoring

Unhealthy lifestyles

Spread of communicable diseases

Burden on the health care system

Heavy drug use illegal and prescription

Because of these individuals the state of Florida is dealing with this.

Where is the money coming from to pay for all this surgery and female hormone treatment?

These individuals in this area are connected to DHS (department homeland security) This is where the money is coming from.

Broward county/Ft. Lauderdale is a training ground for this transformation; meaning, they are re socialized as “females” here.  And they are re integrated into society anonymously.

They are later relocated to different Cities and States.

They are receiving government checks to live on, free healthcare and drugs.

I see some of them with children; I don’t know where they are getting these children from.

In the grocery store last week, I heard a little girl call one “mommy”.


This is a true story… Here is why men should really care…

A few years ago, I was employed at a major retailer; I was in the women’s apparel department.  There was a person working there, in the same department.  I didn’t know then but I recently figured it out a few days ago. This person was a eunuch.

This person, who looked like a female but wasn’t, married a heterosexual man.

The man didn’t know.  The man didn’t know that he had married another male.

Here is what happened. They were not intimate before the marriage.

This eunuchs/transvestite was promiscuous from what I could tell.

The man was not interested in marrying this individual.  They lived together for a while, in Ft. Lauderdale, then the man moved away, he left Ft. Lauderdale.

A couple of years later, the eunuch left Ft. Lauderdale and moved to where the man was (a northern state, I think it was Illinois).

Any way the man was church going and so the eunuch convinced him to marry, so he wouldn’t be an embarrassment to his church. Because everyone knew they were living together.

Anyway, to get to the point;

There was no wedding night because “he couldn’t find the __”

He couldn’t find it because it wasn’t there. I realized this a few days ago.

(it wasn’t a she, it was a eunuch/transvestite)

I remember talking to eunuch over the phone and “she” was explaining to me that he (the man) couldn’t find it.  I didn’t understand.  I think, in cases of women being extremely overweight, maybe it takes longer to locate it.  ?  I guess.

But this individual, I was talking to wasn’t overweight.

The man was in the same room with “her” while “she” was talking to me over the phone.  I could almost feel the confusion and tension coming from him, through the phone.  He was very quiet. He seemed restrained on the verge of an eruption, volcano like.  “She” told me that he asked to “try again”.

“She” told him no.  If he would have found out…

I don’t know what happened with this individual, the last time I spoke to her/him, they had parted; which was just weeks after the “marriage”.

So, maybe the man never found out.


After I finished typing this, I had a headache and I felt nauseas. I had to go lie down.

So, this explains some, if not most of the crime in Florida.



About that show Frasier, someone said online that Kelsey Grammer is from Ft. Lauderdale. He produced Girlfriends.

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